You are new to the Jabber world and you want to get an account on a Jabber server? It's easy! You first have to choose a Jabber server that offers you the services you need. One of Jabber's features is that servers provide methods to communicate with contacts on 'legacy' messaging systems, such as ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ...

It's not necessary to have every transport you'll require, because you can use transports on a server different to that which you're connected to. With that in mind, you should concentrate on finding a server that's fast, and close to you in location (the two usually go together) or perhaps one that has a good sounding name. There is a good list of servers on the website.

Another advantage of the Jabber protocol is that you can be connected more than once with an account, with different resources and priorities. For example, you can be connected at home with resource "At Home" and priority 5, and when you are at work you can be connected with resource "At Work" and priority 7 to get your messages at work.

  • Select Accounts under Edit menu (or press Ctrl+A)
  • Select your account and click Modify.
  • Choose a resource and a priority (the default values should be okay; you can read the tooltip if you want to know more).
  • You can specify your personal details in the Personal Information tab, set the account preferences in the General tab, and if you use a proxy, you can configure it in the Connection tab, and finally if you want to use OpenPGP, you can configure it in the Personal Information tab.
  • You can now add contacts by clicking on Add Contact under Actions menu.
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