Gajim FAQ


Can Gajim print the Jabber XML it sends and receives?

Yes, it can. In the Main Window do Actions → Advanced → XML Console. Check, Enable and enjoy!

There are several links in the room's topic and I want to click them all!

Due to a limitation of GTK+ this is not possible in Gajim older than 0.12. Nevertheless you can type and send /topic and you will have the subject printed and then you can click on it.

Which XEPs does Gajim support?

Please read GajimXEPSupport.

When will Gajim support Jingle/Audio/Video?

It is available since 0.14 version.

On GNU/Linux you need the packages python-farstream and gstreamer-plugins-bad. You can always check if your setup should work, if you go to Help → Features.

When will off the record encryption (OTR) be included in Gajim

As of Gajim 0.15, there is a OTR-plugin, which is based on the pure python OTR on


How can I use advanced configuration editor?

Please read ACE.

How do I setup an MSN/ICQ/AIM/Y!M/etc. transport in Gajim?

Please see TransportSetup.

How do I use Gajim with my Google Talk Account?

Please see GajimGoogleTalk.

I want to be able to choose the language of Gajim

For GNU/Linux systems prefix your Gajim invocation with 'LC_MESSAGES=YOUR_LOCALE' to something like 'LC_MESSAGES=de_DE gajim'. To find a suitable locale, issue 'locale -a'.

For Windows you have to set an environmental variable called LANG to a value such as de_DE:

  • From the desktop, right click My Computer and click properties. In the System Properties window, click on the Advanced tab.
  • In the Advanced section, click the Environment Variables button.
  • Finally, in the Environment Variables window, Click to add a local variable called LANG and set it to de_DE or the language of your choice.

For more values see, on how to set (advanced stuff) see

I want to use a spell-checker in one or more language.

Please read SpellerHelp.

I want to know if SSL or TLS is activated

In your account line (in the roster), you can see a key : that means you use SSL or TLS. Gajim never connect without SSL/TLS without asking you.

Unintended behavior and errors

Ctrl-Tab acts in a unique way

Ctrl-Tab is a shortcut key to go to next unread tab or next composing tab if none unread. You can disable "going to next composing" in ACE.

I have a problem…

Feel free to ask your question in!

About Gajim

What does Gajim mean?

Gajim = Gajim (is) a Jabber Instant Messenger. Some users think it means "Gtk Absolute Jabber Instant Messenger" which is flattering. ;)

Do you guys have a groupchat room?

Yes, find us in

Do you guys keeps web statistics?

Look in

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