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OpenPGP key assignment lost when contact's status changes to offline

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Priority: normal Milestone: 0.15
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Severity: normal Keywords: OpenPGP encryption key assign
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Bug description

Gajim complains

error while sending <message> ( Neither the remote presence is signed, nor a key was assigned. )

when trying to send an OpenPGP-encrpyted message to a contact that went offline while I was online. An OpenPGP key has been assigned manually beforehand, and still seems to be assigned when opening the "Assign OpenPGP Key" dialogue.

Opening the "Assign OpenPGP Key" dialogue and clicking "OK" reassigns the key and re-enables OpenPGP encryption.

XML console:

<!-- In -->
<message from='contact/resource' to='me/resource' xml:lang='de' type='chat' id='199'>
<body>[Diese Nachricht ist *verschlüsselt* (Siehe: JEP:`27`)] ([This message is *encrypted* (See :XEP:`27`])</body>
<x xmlns='jabber:x:encrypted'>encrypted message</x>
<request xmlns='urn:xmpp:receipts'/>

<!-- Out -->
<message xmlns="jabber:client" to="contact/resource" type="chat" id="199">
<received xmlns="urn:xmpp:receipts" id="199" />

<!-- In -->
<presence from='contact/resource' to='me/resource' xml:lang='de' type='unavailable' id='200'>
<x xmlns='vcard-temp:x:update'>

Steps to reproduce

Start an OpenPGP encrypted conversation with someone who is online. Wait for your contact to go offline (or ask the contact to do so). Try to send a message. Gajim complains as above.

Software versions

OS version: Kubuntu 11.04
GTK version: 2.24.4
PyGTK version: 2.22.0
Gajim version: 0.15-beta4

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