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Error when reciving message

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Bug description

I got an error message when a friend of mine sent me a new message.

Steps to reproduce

It happens to me every time I run gajim and I attempt to read that message, then I quit gajim and when I started it again there's the same unread message and i always get the same error.

TraceBack? call

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 113, in on_status_icon_left_clicked


File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 387, in on_left_click


File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 393, in handle_first_event

gajim.interface.handle_event(account, jid, event.type_)

File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 2209, in handle_event


File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 2698, in new_chat


File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 2666, in read_queue

encrypted = data[4], subject = data[1], xhtml = data[7])

File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 2218, in print_conversation

simple=simple, xep0184_id=xep0184_id)

File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 778, in print_conversation_line

subject, old_kind, xhtml, simple=simple, graphics=graphics)

File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 1261, in print_conversation_line

self.print_real_text(text, text_tags, name, xhtml, graphics=graphics)

File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 1350, in print_real_text

self.detect_and_print_special_text(text, text_tags, graphics=graphics)

File "/home/zimio/workspace/Gajim/src/src/", line 1001, in detect_and_print_special_text

iterator = gajim.interface.emot_and_basic_re.finditer(otext)

AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'finditer'

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dup of #5596.

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