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The patch with the option.

  • src/common/config.py

    221221                'ctrl_tab_go_to_next_composing': [opt_bool, True, _('Ctrl-Tab go to next composing tab when none is unread.')],
    222222                'confirm_metacontacts': [ opt_str, '', _('Should we show the confirm metacontacts creation dialog or not? Empty string means we never show the dialog.')],
    223223                'enable_negative_priority': [ opt_bool, False, _('If True, you will be able to set a negative priority to your account in account modification window. BE CAREFULL, when you are logged in with a negative priority, you will NOT receive any message from your server.')],
     224                'open_single_msg_in_chat' : [ opt_bool, False, _('If True, single messages will be opened in chat windows instead of single message window.')],
    224225        }
    226227        __options_per_key = {
  • src/common/connection_handlers.py

    14711471                        if self.name not in no_log_for and jid not in no_log_for and msgtxt:
    14721472                                gajim.logger.write('single_msg_recv', frm, msgtxt, tim = tim,
    14731473                                        subject = subject)
    1474                         self.dispatch('MSG', (frm, msgtxt, tim, encrypted, 'normal',
     1475                        if gajim.config.get('open_single_msg_in_chat'):
     1476                                mtype = 'chat'
     1477                        else:
     1478                                mtype = 'normal'
     1480                        self.dispatch('MSG', (frm, msgtxt, tim, encrypted, mtype,
    14751481                                subject, chatstate, msg_id, composing_jep, user_nick, msghtml))
    14761482        # END messageCB